Capital of northern Madagascar and third port of the island after Tamatave and Majunga, Diego-Suarez is a major destination to enjoy the beauty of the island. Situated 400 km from Comores Islands and 1200 km from Antananarivo, Diego is a real gem that requires a long stay to discover all the treasures it contains.

The bay story is part of the great adventure of trade exchanges that are formed from the XVI century, when two Portuguese sailors decided to name this land with their names Diego Suarez.

It is the focus of a mixed culture, composed of Yemen, Somali, Chinese, and Indian Bantu.

Like this mixed population, nature is characterized by a diversity of landscape related to the existence of several climates: amazing limestone formation, caves where an uncontaminated geologic richness hides, a maze of unique forest…


The fauna, that could evolve and adapt to changes in their habitats, is represented by 20 species of lemurs, among them, the crowned lemur, the strange aye-aye, the fulvus lemur, the mouse lemur (microcebus).

The predatory and carnivorous mammals, reptiles and amphibians are not to be outdone: they are marked by the presence of the leaf chameleons (brookesia, the smallest chameleon in the world), boas, Niles crocodiles, butterflies, bats easily occupying their spaces…

In addition to its fauna, the flora is sheltered by extraordinary forests, orchids varieties, as well as medicinal plants with thousand virtues of which some are only visible in the region. So many fragile species but valiant soldiers who resist the destruction of their habitat.

Finally, Diego’s bay, huge natural harbor and a member of the “club of the most beautiful bays in the world”, reserves us other small undiscovered paradises: Ramena, Orangea, Stones Bay (Baie des Caillous), French’s Bay (Baie des Français), evocating names to relate the beauty of the dream coastlines.




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